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Kid Cudi - Marijuana (via bfabian2)

Pretty green bud, all in my blunt. Ohhh I need it,
We can take off. Now Ohh Marijuana. Yea, Pretty green bud,
All in my blunt. Ohhh I need it, we can take off. Now Ohh
I know you wanna, Smoke

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Boss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the Morning - J.Cole feat. Drake (COVER)

if you didn’t now know
I’m coming real soon, any minute now so
when I get there I’mma pull that zipper down slow
and those fine legs of yours can I fit around those?
this is how it goes, the way I put it down exceeds ya wishes
not like most dudes, I know how to treat a misses
you know how i does, something special that we both can savour
that’s what the chicks love, goin all night as we provoke the neighbours
ye you like how I’m intimate with words
and my voice gives you chills which are hittin up your nerves
I mean it’s all good, tell me, are you ready for the fun
that’s about to ensue? cause there’s plenty more to come
now we can further discuss this when the time arrives
but you’re sounding nervous and such girl, and kinda shy
there ain’t no hurtin with lust, I know you’ve heard it enough 
but i’ve been yearnin to touch you and this mind of mine was wonderin’

can I hit it in the morning (x2)
The sun rising while you moaning
can I hit it in the morning (x3)
The sun rising while you moaning (look girl)

How could I possibly ignore
A good girl who is so naughty to the core
And if I’m cold, the furnace goin be obsolete of course
I’ll just warm myself up with that body heat of yours
I’ll probably explore, uh, your soft spots until you are a little weak
And I will not stop fo’ real and once our middles meet
By that time you goin’ be horny as fuck
So let me kno how you want it girl, slowly or rough
don’t disregard these affections
I’m being real with you, cause I can tell your body really needs attention
So ima give you something sweet that you can ride upon
Grindin on me all night and at time of dawn
Ye, sweat pourin in the sheets again
Cause you know in the morning won’t be sleeping in
We can watch the sunrise together
Just sit back, and unwind, and enjoy this fun time of pleasure


let me be blunt girl, I’m tryna get inside ya draws
already got you horny as hell, drippin niagara falls
there’s a lot that I can do to those vagina walls
I know that you’re a freak girl, but do you like it raw?


Maui wowie


Maui wowie

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MrSpaceman - I think I’m Bob Marley (ft Rizzy Ratchet  Stox) 

-Astro Projected